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how to get to the Nigardsbreen parking ground by car

Coordinates: N 61°40'18.971" / E 7°14'07.240" OR N 61°40.316' / E 7°14.120'

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How to get to the Nigardsbreen by public transportation

Between the 24.06-01.09 you can use the Glacier Bus. This bus corresponds for all glacier hikes except for the Deluxe Blue Ice Hike.

Start from Sogndal 8:35 and arriving Nigardsbreen 10:05 and 11:35.

Return from Nigardsbreen 16:55 and arriving Sogndal 18:35.

To get to Sogndal or other destinations use this link

Before 24.06 and after 01.09 it is difficult to get to the glacier by a public bus. We  recommend to rent a car.

If you need a taxi please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and tel. +47 576 81 620. TOP 40

Does Jostedalen Breførarlag provide transportation or helpS me with Travel services or accomModation?

We are a mountaineering school/company and offer tours only on rock and ice. We do not offer any help with passenger transportation or travel services. If you need any assistance, please contact a travel agent or a tourist office. TOP 40

Here is the Meeting point for all Blue Ice hikes

meeting point

At the Nigardsbreen car park is the equipment depot as shown on the picture. TOP 40

 What kind of equipment do we provide?

We provide rope, ice spikes/crampons, harness and helmets for kids. Except of the Blue Ice Family Hike, we also provide ice axes and thin gloves. We are sorry but we have no small gloves for children. TOP 40

Can I rent hiking boots or rain-/WIND gear?

You can rent hiking boots Europeen size 36-48 for all hikes except the Blue Ice Family Hike. We do not have any children shoes.

We don't provide any rain-/wind gear or other clothing. At the Glacier Visitor Centre it is possible to buy rain jackets and warm fleece or down jackets.TOP 40

What kind of personal equipment do I need for the glacier hike?

Please use this link for more informationTOP 40

Do I need to bring my own lunch?

For all hikes except the Deluxe Blue Ice Hike, you should bring some beverage and food. On the Deluxe Blue Ice Hike the guide will provide the lunch to you.

It is also possible to order a complete lunch package online. TOP 40

i have ordered a lunch packAGE online. Where DO i have to pick it up?

You need to stop at the Glacier Visitor Centre "Breheimsenteret" before the hike starts to pick up your lunch. TOP 40

Can the  Glacier hikes be cancelLed DUE TO bad weather?

Rain is normal weather in our region of Norway. The hikes are cancelled only in exceptional and severe weather conditions or dangerous ice conditions.

If we cancel a hike, you will automatically receive a full refund within 3-5 days for all online bookings. If the ticket was purchased at the Glacier Visitor Centre, you will receive the refund there. NB! Online tickets can not be refunded at the Glacier Visitor Centre. TOP 40

Can i make a reservation on phone or by email? 

We are sorry, but a reservation without payment is not possible. TOP 40

Are there any fees to book online?

Please notice that FareHarbor charges an additional fee to guests for their booking services, based on a percentage of the total amount/payment of the hike (“Guest Fee”).TOP 40

Can I get the money back if I am too late because of traffic problems or if I don't find the meeting place?

Please read our General Terms and Conditions of serviceIf the customer does not appear at the specified time stated in the programm or at the right meeting point, that person has no right to any compensation of the paid tour fee. TOP 40

Do I get a refund if I'm sick on the day of the hike?

Ref. our  General Terms and Conditions of service. After the deadline the customer is not entitled to any compensation. Therefore we recommend to have a travel insurance. TOP 40

Is it necessary to book the hikes online in advance?

In the high season of July and August we recommend to book the tickets online minimum 1-3 days in advance for all hikes except the Blue Ice Family Hike.

The Special Blue Ice Hike and the Deluxe Blue Ice Hike are very popular. We recommend to book these hikes as early as possible. TOP 40

How long in advance I have to book a private hike?

We recommend to book a private hike as early as possible. Private tours are very much in demand. We can not guarantee you will get a guide if you book it only a few days in advance.TOP 40

I travel with a cruise ship to the port in Skjolden. Can I participate in a glacier hike?

There is no public bus from the port in Skjolden to the Nigardsbreen. You need to charter a taxi.

For a taxi, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tel: + 47 94 87 02 44.TOP 40